Safety at Work
Scientific work uses many hazardous materials or processes.  However there are very few accidents due to the risk assessments used to control these hazards.  Student tasks lead them through these processes.  They can also take a tour of safety signs which help to create a safe environment.

Applied Science courses recommend that students should make a visit to some aspect of the scientific industry to investigate Heath and Safety regulations and processes.  Unfortunately, such visits are often difficult to organise, especially for large parties of students.  To partly address this need, this module leads students through the legal aspects of the Health and Safety regulations; the concept of risk assessments and how to develop them.  The use of safety signs greatly adds to the reduction of hazards.  A virtual tour of a corridor and two laboratories can be used to show signs in context. 

Resources for students and teachers support the activities.

Safety Signs Tour
Take a virtual tour of the safety signs found within industrial laboratories and corridors
Safety Sign Tour - Powerpoint version
A PowerPoint version of the interactive tour, for use offline...
Risk Assessments
Learn more about risk assessment and hazard control
Hazard Symbols
Match the hazard symbols to their meaning